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22nd March 2007 Jejak Kasih Yang Indah

22nd March 2007 Jejak Kasih Yang Indah

After we arrived at the hotel around 7:00 pm, I sent an sms to Ina, Asma's blogger friend, that I'm already at the hotel. I planned to stay at her house tonight since my daughter couldn't come to Amman today or tomorrow morning since her classes were still on. She really wanted me to meet Auntie Ina becoz she said that Auntie Ina is the same age as me and maybe Auntie Ina can bring me visit some historical sites around Amman while waiting for Asma's and her friend to come after class.

Actually Ina already smses me many times to fetch me at the hotel, but I didn't arrive there yet bcoz' the taxi driver insisted we stop by his house, then we went to a Halawiyat shop and lastly stop by a restaurant to get some food to eat. Pity her becoz she has to wait until it was dark (well 7pm is already dark ...so sorry Ina, didn't mean to bother u )...

While waiting at the hotel lobby, I saw a boy coming as if looking
for somebody. I guessed he must be Ina's son and my guess is right when I asked him (got to know his nickname is Izzat). He said his mother is waiting outside in the taxi with his little sister. So I took my luggage and went outside with him to meet his mother, Ina. (Until this moment I still don't know her full name, Asma' just told me "Auntie Ina".

I Sarinah, “ Ina introduce herself.

I Nurazzah , " I said.

Rasa macam pernah jumpa, anak I Asma' kata you sama umur dgn I dan dulu belajar di US, you kat mana ? “ I asked her.

" I kat DC batch SPM 82 ", Ina told me.

I was getting excited. She was the same batch with me and we were there in USA at the same time (in the 80s). Maybe we've met each other.

"I dulu kat Columbus, Ohio dan pernah pergi DC tahun 84'. I pergi dgn kawan I Ikma budak TKC and jumpa kwn dia budak TKC jugak, tapi I tak ingat nama dia. I tido kat rumah dia dgn kwn2 dia"

"Dulu biasa kalau girls datang DC memang tido rumah we all. kat River Place kan? I ingat lah you mmg ada dtg dgn budak TKC tu kat rumah I," said Ina excitedly.1984 in Georgetown,USA (we walked from River Place to see the lively night life)

(Actually I dah tak ingat dah nama tempat dia tinggal tu, tapi the moment she mentioned 'River Place' it rings the bell)

"Ha ah lah Ina, I tido kat River Place..." I was so excited to know that we have met some time ago .... 23 YEARS AGO in USA .....

JEJAK KASIH ... both of us was so excited and continued tracking memories down the lane at her house while eating our dinner (even though I'm full already but as a respect to the host, I ate a plateful of rice), and sometimes laughed in between when funny stories emerged.

Ina has 5 children, the eldest Zaid has just graduated from a university in Jordan. Safiyyah studies Medic in Ukraine (am I right??) , Sumayyah studies in korea, Izzat (11 years old) and Mimi (5 years old) go to school there in Amman. Her husband works in Abu Dhabi, UAE and comes home (now Amman, Jordan is their home) every tho months. (Hurm... that is much much better than me...my hubby comes home once every 4 - 6 months! My hubby works in Islamabad, Pakistan).

Thank You Ina for the lovely dinner and a very nice food presentation on the food warmer given to you by your sons as a mother's day gift (I knew this later).
Later went to bed with with a very satisfying stomach... and exhausted ... from the whole day trip to
Al-Maqtas, Dead Sea , Mount Nebo, Mahmood's house, Halawiyat store ....


The next morning after Izzat and Mimi went to school, Ina brought me around Amman, Roman Theather, (Umayyad Palace) Jabal Qala'ah, Ashabul kahfi, Al Bakry Perfume and shopping some souvenirs in the downtown Amman. (More details in next entry)

After 'Asar Asma', Sumayyah, Gba and Lina arrived from Amman. They had rented a Toyota sedan car so that we can travel down south Jordan. Ina have served us a lovely fried mee hoon , the girls were so excited maybe bcoz' they had not eaten fried mee hoon for quite a long time.

Then around 5 :30pm we started our journey down south Jordan...our first stop will be Petra. We planned to sleep there, then the next morning roam around Petra, then go to Aqaba and Wadi Rum. Then back north to Amman and Irbid.

Feel quite sad bcoz had to depart, Really hope got to meet Ina again before going back home to Malaysia.

Anyway, I knew I always get to meet her in the cyberspace...by reading and giving comments to her blog. Actually that moment also was the first time for both Asma' and Auntie Ina got to meet and know each other in reality, not in the cyberspace.

Thanks a lot Ina for your kind hospitality. May Allah Bless You and Your Family. InsyaAllah, we'll meet again whether in Jordan or Malaysia.


  1. salam,

    tengok gambar lama tu, teringat kat mazwin...apa kabar dia.... kat malaysia I ada gambar kita semua yang duduk kat sofa kat rumah kak Zu.... kenangan lama :)

    Sorry jika layanan tak seberapa, anyhow, jemputlah datang lagi nanti ye...

  2. LUJ,
    I pun sejak visit DC in 1984, tak pernah lagi jumpa Mazwin. Maybe my friend Ikma ada jumpa. Anyway dgn Ikma pun I dah lama tak contact, I know she lives somewhere in Taman Permata, Hulu Klang. I tak ada gambar dalam apartment tu, actually ntah kenapa camera we all tu buat hal. Bila balik cuci semua gambar jadi gelap...(masa tu mana ada camera digital)... .. gambar yg ada dlm simpanan semua tak clear sangat.


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