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27th March A Night in Irbid

27th March A Night in Irbid

Tonight Asma' and I went to a Halawiyat Shop near her apartment. She wanted to buy for me "Kinafah", a type of Halawiyat that tastes so creamy and sweet.... Orange in colour and they springkle some ground pistachio on it.

So, off we went to the store around 8:30pm. Not so many people around, and most of the stores are already closed.

Near the Duwar Kubbah

Asma' apartment is situated in an area that has a trademark "Duwar Kubbah". Duwar means roundabout (never thought in Middle East has roundabouts like Shah Alam!!! I think Shah Alam is the only city in the Klang Valley that has so many roundabouts) and Kubbah because there is a small monument like kubah in the middle of the roundabout.

In front of the Halawiyat Shop

In the Halawiyat Shop.

In the Halawiyat shop, there is a very big poster of King Abdullah and Queen Rania with their children. I like the poster so much because it portrays the king and queen in a very informal way and happy family. Not like most the posters of our Sultans and Agong here, what we can see usually in a very formal way, with very heavily jeweleries and all the medals...

This is KINAFAH.

Nicely packed halawiyat.

Asma' eating the Kinafah.

I still can imagine the sweeeeeeeet taste of Kinafah.... took sometime to finish just a piece of it. Have to drink a bottle of mineral water after that.

In another Halawiyat shop near the Duwar Kubbah.

Bought 2 kg of Halawiyat to bring home to Malaysia.

Flower Shop

It was so windy and cold. So we didn't stay long outside, besides there were not so many people strolling along the street.

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