Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sehari Sebelum Perjalanan

Thursday 15th March 2007

Everything has been packed in the big luggage. Actually, all the stuff in it are Asma's. She wanted me to bring most of the cooking spices and herbs, mee hoon, jelly, cili kering, MILO, etc etc....My clothes were in the smaller bag, and in the hand luggage....3 bottles of chilli sauce, 2 bottles of soy sauce (kicap laa...budak melayu mmg tak boleh lepas kicap..) and and you know what...batu lesung!!! I bought the smallest one in the store but it still weigh more than 1 kg...hurm...I know she really miss the sambal kicap...that's why she wants me to bring the batu lesung...Actually my hand luggage weigh nearly 20 kg!!! nearly as same as my check-in baggage...

4 pm : Got a msg fr Asma'...."Ummi tetiba cuaca sejuk semula kat Amman dan Irbid.... semalam Amman snow kena bawak baju tebal..sebelum dah panas dah, more than 20 degrees Celcius" Alamak!.... I was not ready to face the cold weather...with the short term notice, I was quite panicked..where should I find winter sweater...Then I remember Kak Maznah just got back fr New Zealand and the weather there was cold too... sms her......"Do you hv winter sweater...she said ok..came to her house tonight"...hooshhh...relieved... at least one problem solved.
At that time I was at SMART Bookstore in Shah Alam Mall, searching for a novel Asma' asked to buy...BUATMU KEKASIH from her favourite author Aisya Sofea. This is her latest novel. Was searching for it at MPH and a few others bookstores before, at last I found it here.

4:30pm: Got a phone call from abi, has to cancel flight to Islamabad, Pakistan. The condition there was not stable and it's not safe to go there at this time. Alhamdulillah the travel agent company was not closed yet. Hurried there, luckily it all went smoothly.

8:30pm: Went to K Maznah's house to pick up the sweater. Alhamdulillah ada beberapa helai yang muat dipakai. Almaklum lah saya ni 'besar' sikit dari K Maznah...Balik tu kemas-kemas beg dan tidur. 3 am bangun dan mandi, kejutkan Zaid dan anak2 yg lain, dia orang nak hantar ke airport. hampir pukul 4pg bertolak ke airport.
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