Thursday, May 3, 2007

22nd March 2007 Roman Theater & Odeon & Museums


After visiting Ashabul Kahfi, Ina and I went to the Roman Theather & Odeon, Folklore Museum & Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions. The entry fee is JD1.00 (RM5.00)

The Roman Theater, with a seating capacity of about 6,000, was built around 170 AD. Located on Jabal al-Qala’ah, near the center of downtown Amman, it is the most famous and easily accessible of the city’s ancient sites.
The theater was restored in the late 1950s and is now used for special events and performances.

One fascinating thing about all Roman Theater told by Ina is, when you stand on one of the tiles in the middle of it, try speaking like you are giving a speach to a group of audience in front of you, then all the people who sit in the theater will hear your voice. No need to use a microphone!!! Hurm... The Romans must be a very good engineers back then! ...

It is very well preserved, though it has gone through some restoration process. It is surrounded by some other roman vestiges, and by the thousands of small houses that cope Amman's downtown.

It is very cooling to stay in the theater. maybe because of the natural stone. The weather also was very nice. Not so cold and not so hot. Ina told me it is suppose to be Spring now, but last week when I arrived here, it was so cold... the weather dropped to less than 5 degree and Amman was snowing.

Next to the
roman theatre, there are still some vestiges of the forum and the cardo maximus (the main street in a roman city).

The colums that remain take you for some moments to the ancient roman times. It's nice to have a walk around the area.

Visit the Odeon theatre near the Amphitheatre. The Odeon
theatre was used for music and small performances.

Odeon Theater
It is much smaller than the large theatre, but surely more intimate as well.

The Odeon in Amman is completely intact!

Built at about the same time as the Roman theater, this intimate 500-seat theater is used now as it was in Roman times, for musical concerts.

Me standing in front of the entrance to Odeon Theater

Archaeologists think that the building was originally covered with a wooden or temporary tent roof to shield performers and audiences from the elements.

The surrounding area of Roman Theater and Odeon Theater is covered by a serene park. Here is where many Jordanians will bring their family during weekends to have a picnic or just roaming around the theater.

The Folklore
Museum , is part of the restored theater complex. It is situated at the right wing of the Roman Theater. It displays a collection of items showing the traditional life of local people.

At the other end of the Roman Theater, is another museum named Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions. It has a good display of Jordanian embroidery, traditional costume, Bedouin jeweler and mosaics rescued from sites such as Jerash and Madaba.

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