Friday, May 4, 2007

22nd March 2007 Balad Amman, Al-Bakry Perfume & Souvenirs Store

22nd March 2007 Balad Amman, Al-Bakry Perfume & Souvenirs Store

Getting down from the citadel only took a few minutes by a taxi. Ina wanted to bring me to the Al-Bakry Perfume store and buy some souvenirs in the Balad (downtown) Amman.

The weather today is very nice. By the time we arrive at the Balad, it was already noon.

In AL-Bakry perfume shop, I bought a few different kind of perfumes, in a pen-like case. Each costs only JD1.00.

I also bought a few other souvenirs like key chains and a traditional coffee pot.

In the souvenir store, I bought 5 T-Shirts with a picture of camels and word "Jordan" in Arabic (Al-Urdun) on it. Each T-shirt costs only JD2 (RM10.00).

The salesboy in the souvenir store. I love the antique looking lamp but just couldn't buy it... I think my luggage is already full...the lamp will take up a lot of space in it.

Well, maybe someday I will ask Asma' to buy it and bring it home.

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