Thursday, July 5, 2012

As Always

Got this in my pigeon hole today, as a gift token from my head department...
 very nice of him, to remember us (those who celebrates birthdays in may and June)
his sub-ordinates....Thank You Dr Nordin ...
(very seldom a head dept. will remember or want to celebrate our birthdays)
 As Always

A special day is always
to remind about things of the past
about laughter of yesterdays
about broken promises and painful memories
about friends and beautiful friendships
about the year that has gone by

A special day is always
to remind about oneself
the sins, the sun and the sunshines
and the rainbows across the sky
so colorful so awesome
yet so weak and vulnerable
as the colors of life
that painted the days and nights
making us stronger and wiser
and the faith that we nurture
as a shield to protect
the heart and the mind
from the evil of our thoughts
and the evil of our actions

A special day is here... as a celebration
of a hard life in the past
to the brighter future
to the promised hopes and glorious days

It's the time
to reflect and ponder
the better days ahead
for a prosperous time with the loved ones
for a good of humanity
and blessings from Allah

Happy Birthday!
You are, my friend, very special indeed
May Allah bless you with happiness, good health and prosperity...

sincerely from,
Shah Alam 2012

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