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23rd March 2007 From Petra to Aqaba

A Year After - Jordan Revisited
23rd March 2007 From Petra to Aqaba

Aqaba is the southernmost city in Jordan and the only city which has a beach. It is the 13th century Red Sea resort, which was in ancient times, the main port for shipments from the Red Sea to the Far East.
We checked out from the hotel in Petra about 3pm. Actually the owner of the hotel was kind enough to let us check out late without any extra charges (as usual we're supposed to check out at 12 pm, but Sumayyah knew him from previous stay here in the hotel when she brought her family last year).

The hotel owner was on the phone trying to book a hotel in Aqaba for us, very kind of him.

The journey to Aqaba will take around 2-3 hours depends on how fast you are driving. At first we plan to stop by at Wadi Rum to see the sunset, but the owner of the hotel advised us to go straight to Aqaba. He said we couldn't make it to Wadi Rum because it's already late, by the time we arrive at Wadi Rum, it will be dark because at this time of season, 5 or 6 pm is already dark.

The canyon where The Red-Rose city of Petra lies.

So, we took his advise and went straight to Aqaba, find a hotel there and spent the night there. Tomorrow morning after roaming around Aqaba Beach, we will start our journey to Wadi Rum.
On the way to Aqaba, we didn't take the highway, instead we took a country road that goes thru many small vilages such as Ras An-Naqab and runs thru up and down the valleys and mountains.

Not far after we started our journey, we found a park at the side of the road on top of the mountains that overlook the canyo
n where The Red-Rose City of Petra lies. The view was splendid and spectacular!!!

Spring... Spring ....Spring ... is in the air... flowers are blooming again....!!!

In the park there were many families strolling around with their children playing in the playground. Some were enjoying the spectacular view like us and having their picnic food , sitting
and lying on the mat, and really enjoying themselves.

After a few hours driving up and down the hills and valley, we exited to the highway to reach Aqaba. Along the way, the view was different, as you can only see rows of rock mountains until you reach the city of Aqaba.

We arrived at Aqaba around 6pm. Found a dec
ent and quite affordable hotel to stay in and sleep, As-Shuala Hotel. At last we took 2 rooms, one room for me and Asma', another room for Sumayyah, Lina and Gba.

After performing our Maghrib and Isya' prayers,
we decided to roam around the downtown of Aqaba to experience their hustle-bustle of night life. Actually, our hotel is situated right in the middle of Aqaba city. Just step outside the hotel, you are already there....

Hurm... the busy night life lo
oks like the city of Kuala Lumpur at night also.

First, we looked around for a descent and not so expensive restaurant to eat. Hurm...atas permintaan Asma' , ummi kena belanja makan SEA-FOOD!!! Rupanya they all ni dah lama tak makan sea-food, sbb sea food mahal kat Irbid. Asyik makan ayam, kambing, dan telur ayam!!! Ha ha ha...kesian ....

Wow! The sea food looks so delicious... Fish, Shrimp and Calamary ... Asma' and friends couldn't wait to eat all these... Hey! Where's my Shish Kebab?? Hurm ... not ready yet.. have to wait a while..okay...

But since Aqaba is a sea-side city, sea-food here is cheaper compared to Irbid. So, at last we found a quite affordable sea-food restaurant. We chosed to sit uptairs at second level on the balcony facing the busy night life of Aqaba. We really had a nice view from up there while filling our stomach with the sea food. But wait, auntie Azzah tak mahu makan sea food! dah jemu asyik makan ikan dll kat Malaysia, so, I decided to order Shish Kebab instead.

The serving boys didn't want to miss to be included in the photo session...

he natural beauty of Aqaba, where mountains meet both sea and desert, is a unique attraction in itself, displaying magical shades of red with each sunset, while the blue sea sparkles constantly, hiding beneath it some of the most colorful marine life in the Red Sea.

Aqaba is a year-round resort that has something to offer for everyone, and is a popular destination amongst all age groups. This seaside city is blessed with great weather throughout the year; hot and breezy in summer, warm and pleasant in winter.

24th March 2007

To enjoy the warm and pleasant weather , after checking out from the hotel in the morning, we went to the Aqaba beach.

Hurm ... it was raining just now, so today it's not going to be sunny, instead the weather looked gloomy...but the wind was so strong... nevetheless.... I saw people bringing their families for a picnic at the beach and their children were swimming in the cold water ...!!!! Waaaa.... maybe for them it's not sooo cold...

So we decided to stroll along the beach and the jetty. The people there put many chairs and table on the jetty so that people could sit and enjoying the cool breeze and panorama ....

The view from the jetty was so panoramic, at the background we can see big merchant ships on the water maybe carrying trading product from Africa, Asia and other parts of the world accross Red Sea. There are also cruise ships and passenger ferries.

From the jetty also, someone can locate a modern city of Israel just bordering with the city of Aqaba. Actually Aqaba is strategically situated at the crossroads of 4 countries (Arab Saudi, Egypt, Israel and Jordan) and 3 continents (Asia, Africa and Europe).

To end our visit here in Aqaba, we decided to take a ride on a speed boat. For JD10 (RM50) we really had a good time riding the speed boat around Aqaba beach and until the border of Israel.

I remember when I was young at school while studying Geography, when I looked at the world map and saw the sign "Red Sea", I really tought and believed that the water in the sea is red! That's why they named it "Red Sea"... !!

Now 30 years later, I'm here standing on the beach and strolling along it, and touching the water.... proved that I was wrong.... ha ha ha.... what a tought...

wait.... when I came back from Jordan and told one of my aunties back at the kampung that I went to Red Sea, she also asked me the same question.... "
Eh... Laut Merah tu air nya merah ke? " .......


  1. Salam pn,

    Wahhh.. Seronoknya dapat pegi Laut Merah and Wadi Rum... You r really going deep South of Jordan.. Kalu naik ferry mesti dah sampai Egyt.. hehe.. Wadi rum and Aqaba looks so nice.. Wish I could go there.. But harie tue during my travel, agak tak berkesempatan because d place wuz quite far to the South... and thinking that Wadi Rum wuz just a desert and Laut Merah for scuba diving, so i decided not to go.. and due to time limitations too..Hehe.. But the place in the picture attached looks soo nice expecially the desert with the sunset.!!! Sooo nice one!

  2. Bila dah ada di negara orang, kalau tak explore semuanya rasa tak puas... tengoklah budak-budak tu... gembiranya mereka.... menambah kerinduan ku pada mereka dan aqabah dan wadi rum ..jom kita pergi lagi nak ???

  3. nak tambah... wowwwwwww banyaknya seafood tu..habis ke ??????? mesti terlentang kekenyangan masing-masing ekkk..... dan masih ingat malam yang you all cari rumah I , sesat larat, bila sampai je drebarnya ( Sumi ) tak cakap apa dah, terus landing... sweet lah saat-saat itu .... ( sebak I )

  4. salam kak azzah.

    alhamdulillah, akak dikurniakan rezeki berjalan-jalan dan melihat kebesaran Allah di luar negeri. Jeles siihhhh.. :)

    Thank you for sharing this with us, tak dapat pergi sekurang2nya tumpang seronok pun jadilah disamping menambah ilmu dan hopefully menambah pujian kita pada Allah swt.

  5. Salam Nurazzah...dulu pun kak lady ingat laut dia warna merah...hehehhe...

    Nampak sedap seafood tu...mesti asma & rakan2nya gembira sgt dpt bersama Nurazzah

  6. silversarina,
    wuahhh...kalau u ajak pergi lagi mesti I nak punya, boleh ikut travel agency anak you tu, HZ travel & tours...hehee..boleh lah dpt diskaun kan...!? hari tu mmg tak puas lagi round Aqaba... sbb masa suntuk , tak dapat pergi Historical sites yg berlambak kat Aqaba tu (from my reading ada byk tempat bersejarah)..

    Wadi RUm..!!!!! mmg best sangat ...nanti i re-post balik n3 Wadi Rum pulak...

    hahaha...bila ingat malam tu masa cari rumah u mmg saat yg tak boleh dilupakan...apataknya sampai pukul 2 pagi cari rumah u pusing2 tak jumpa, last-last we all tahan Police Traffic!! hahaa.. bukan Police Traffic yg tahan we all.. hehehe... Kesian Sumi...mmg dia penat sangat drive dari Wadi Rum tu... I nak sangt tolong dia drive, tapi apakan daya masa tu I tak bawak driving license...takut pulak kena tahan police nanti..
    kalau ingat semula mmg satu kenangan yg tak boleh dilupakan...

  7. Onde-onde,
    Insyaallah jika ada rezeki pergi lah. Alhamdulillah, mmg kita sepatutnya sentiasa mengkagumi apa sahaja kejadian Allah, semoga itu akan menambahkan lagi keimanan kita kpdNya. Bak pepatah lama mengatakan "Jauh Perjalanan Luas Pemandangan"

  8. Kak Lady,
    mmg Asma' dan rakan2 happy sangat dpt makan seafood tu... ialah I pun belanja they all sbb they all sudi temankan I jalan2 satu Jordan...


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