Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bengkel Semakan Kurikulum

After a few years, our curriculum needs to be reviewed again. Expecially in the field of Computer Science, everything evolves very fast...every now and then, there is always new knowledge, new findings, new technologies...etc....never ending... so, we need to review our curriculum in order to equip our students with basic knowledge in the field of Computer Science..
So, here we go...a start of another series of workshops ..
 A group of very enthusiastic lecturers in the midst of discussion of restructuring the curriculum of Bachelor Degree in Computer Science.

These reminds me of our own self... we need to always check and balance our ibadah to Allah SWT ...after a period of time, we need to Muhasabah our own self...maybe over the time we have drifted ourselves to duniawi matters only....kita terleka dan terlupa, bahawa kita perlu muhasabah diri kita juga... adakah kita sudah cukup mempersiapkan diri kita dengan segala ilmu Allah samada ilmu dunia atau ilmu Akhirat? untuk menghadapi saat-saat kita di sana nanti ...???

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