Wednesday, April 25, 2007

20th March 2007 DCCA2007 2nd Day Conference

2nd Day conference was held in the InterContinental Hotel in Amman. A five star hotel. I was staying in another cheaper hotel, Hotel Palmyra. After having my breakfast, the bus took us to InterContinental Hotel.

I will be presenting my paper today, so as Dr Norlida and Dr Habibah from FKE. I also will present Dr Zainab's paper as she couldn't make it to this conference. But our paper will be in different track and in different rooms, so we couldn't see each other presentation.

Alhamdulillah everything's going on smoothly. I managed to present both papers as I expected, without butterflies in my stomach!!!

Alhamdulillah. The responses from the floors also were very good. Got to know many people and contacts from different countries.

After all the parallel sessions has finished, I had lunch at the hotel. There I met other presenters from Malaysia: Prof Abdullah Embong , PM Shafie (UTM), Muhaini (KUITTHO) and husband, Prof Maslina (UKM), Siti Mariam (UTM), Mohd Shquier (a Jordanian currently doing his Phd in UKM under Prof Tengku), etc....

After lunch we just hang around at the hotel lobby enjoying its beautifully designed and decorated lobby.

I met a professor from Madras India named Jane Jayakumar. She is a very nice person and we really had a good chat together.

Dr Habibah, Dr Norlida, me and Jane

At the hotel lobby, there was an old man sitting in a traditional Arab setting, holding a traditional Arab coffee pot. So, all of us decided to try a taste of Arab coffee... hurm.... I think those who have tried know how it tastes... I think they put cardamon in it, it tastes like cardamon...


Downtown (Balad) Amman
In the evening after the afternoon parallel session ended, Jane , Dr Habibah and husband, Dr Norlida and husband, and I decided to roam around downtown (balad) Amman, before going back to our hotel.

Actually we wanted to go to the citadel and Roman theater, and Jabal Qala'ah, which are situated around
Amman but those places were closed when we arrived there. During winter those places close early (around 4 or 5 pm).

Here am I in downtown Amman

Dr Norlida, Jane and I in the Herbs and Spices store. The saffron there is very cheap, I bought 100g (about a
medium size plastic bag) for only JD2 (Rm10.00) .

King Hussein Mosque in downtown Amman.

In the heart
and the middle of hustle-bustle of modern downtown Amman, situated an Ottoman-style mosque named King Hussein Mosque. It is also known as Al-Husseini Mosque. The mosque was rebuilt in 1924 on the site of the ancient mosque.

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